Algo Options Trading for Robinhood & Alpaca


Q: What brokers do your algo's work with?

A: Our algo's are built specifically for Robinhood Financial LLC and we will be adding a Alpaca Securities algo once they support options trading.

Q: How many contracts can I trade when using your strategy?

A: Because of speed and design you can only trade 1 contract at a time, however the source code can be modified to trade multiple contracts.

Q: If I have under 25k can I still use this algo?

A: Yes, with a margin account you are limited to 3 trades in a 5 day period, with a cash account PDT does not apply.

Q: Does this strategy account for the SEC's 390 order per day average rule?.

A: Yes, the algo tracks the number of orders placed and stops trading after 360 orders.

Q: Do these strategies only work on options.

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have back testing results for your strategies?

A: No, any trade data shown on the site or youtube.com is Live. This algo cannot be run in test mode or with simulated data.

Q: How does the strategy work and how are orders entered?

A: The exact details are proprietary, more information is given once the product is purchased.

Q: Do you trade this algo yourself?

A: Yes, since 1/4/2021 every week.

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us at jbalphallc@gmail.com