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Equity Options Trading Strategies

We provide top of the line custom options trading systems for equity options traders. HFT Algo specializes in building trading strategies for equity options.

Algorithmic Trading Methods

The strategies on this site are based on methods used by professional traders and automated for high speed execution and position management. Currently our strategy works with Robinhood Financial API, and we will be expanding to Alpaca once options trading becomes available.

* We are not affiliated with Robinhood Financial LLC or Alpaca Securities LLC


Robin HFT Bot

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Strategy Description

Developed for the Robinhood API, this custom trading system trades equity option bid/ask spread. This system uses no indicators, all trades are executed in real-time using proprietary methods and sub-second speeds. This system is fully automated, and composed of 2 algos working together. The directional algo determines direction of price, calculates strike prices, and if the main algo should be trading. The main algo executed trades through Robinhood API.

Additional Info

Trades bid/ask spread at millisecond speeds on options contracts such as TQQQ, AAPL, AMZN.

  • Proprietary based trading, does not rely on any indicators. This strategy only trades equity option, executes trades at high speed taking advantage of the bid/ask spread.

    • Order Entry -Bid/Ask Spread Trader, Exact details are proprietary
    • Live Tested -Tested live on AMZN, TQQQ, GME, and more
    • Contract Size -No limit on the number of contracts that can be traded
    • Risk Level -Risk minimized by total time spent in trade
    • Directional Algo -Comes with separate algo for determining price direction.
    • Source Code -Full open source code, Python Language, allows for customization and conversion to other brokers.

    • Licence Type Single User- Python source code
    • Options
    • This strategy requires: Python 3.9, Robinhood Account (Can be used without directional algo in a semi automated form, with just these requirments.)

      Directional algo requires: Windows 10, latest .Net Version, NinjaTrader 8 (free) + data source, (TD Ameritrade free)

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